Petra Fridrichova, PhD. -  researcher

She is currently a researcher of the Educational Research Center, Faculty of Education UMB. She was general director of National Institute of Education. She is expert for theoretical and practical questions of ethical education in national context; experienced teacher of initial teacher education and lifelong education; in her object of interest is also curricular reform and questions concerning the transversal competences. She is involved in network for EQF in Slovakia. Her most important projects are: Innovation of educational practice in ethical education, Implementation of new curricular reform at elementary school in Slovak republic, and Development of the professional competences of teachers of pre-primary, elementary and secondary education in the context of increasing success of elementary education system reforms. She is author or co-author: papers indexed and registered in WoS, 7 monographs and 10 papers published in Slovakia and abroad.

Alena Tomengová, PhD. - researcher

She has years of experience in education, directly as a teacher in vocational schools, in-service teacher trainer, but also as a co-author and/or implementer of national and international projects. As part of her managers positions in National Institute of Education (SPU), State School Inspection (SSI) and Methodology and Pedagogy Centre (MPC), she had participated in the development and implementation of several national and international projects, for example: Improving the level of measuring and monitoring the quality of education in the process of preparing young people for the demands of the labor market (SPU), Professional and career development of  teachers (MPC), as well as international projects (PISA / OECD), The Project of bilateral cooperation between State School Inspection (SSI) of the Slovak Republic and the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) in Northern Ireland, supported by the British Council (2006); Member of the international research team COMET 517698-LLP-1-2011-1DE Comenius-CMP (Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia) in the years 2007-2010. She works in Educational Research Centre as a senior researcher. Currently she is the national coordinator of the international research project ITEL/ OECD Teacher Knowledge Survey.

Denisa Šukolová, PhD. - researcher

Her current position is at the Department of Psychology and at the Centre of Educational Research PF UMB. She teaches methodology of quantitative and qualitative research and the statistical data analysing. She is a graduate of several certified trainings which were focused on working with software support in analyzing different types of research data – SPSS, Atlas.ti. Now she is working on an international project OECD/ ITEL – Teachers' Pedagogical Knowledge and the Teaching Profession, as a member of the national team. In the research area, she is interested in issues of psychometry and educometry and she specializes in mixed research strategies (eg. Q-methodology). She also publishes in themes of learning outcomes implementation and in topics related to the development of critical thinking.

Martina Lacková - project manager, administrative staff