Faculty of Education University of Matej Bel

Incoming students - Before arrival

  1. Before you come to study here you must prepare yourself for a game called Bureaucracy. It's not really difficult, but you do have to remember ALL the rules. To make it as easy and smooth as possible we shall take you through the individual steps of the procedure. We are also including most of the forms to be filled in order to obtain all the necessary permits.
  2. You can directly ask about student mobility, but we need nomination from your university. Partner coordinator will contact the Erasmus+ administrator Mgr. Andrea Zvalová andrea.zvalova@umb.sk to nominate their students by e-mail. We will send Acceptance letters, and will provide the supplementary information. In case a student has not been accepted, they will be notified by e-mail.
  3. Application - when you are nominated by your university as an Erasmus student, please fill the enclosed:

These documents must be send by regular post in time! Faculty of Education Matej Bel University, Mgr. Andrea Zvalová, International Officer, Ružová 13, 974 11 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. We also can accept PDF format of these documents send by e-mail to andrea.zvalova@umb.sk .

Without the application we can not send the acceptation letter!


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