Accredited doctoral study programmes

PhD in Theology - Graduates of doctoral study (Doctor of Philosophy in Theology PhD) are competent to carry out conceptual theological and scientific activities and create professional theological work in church theory and practice as well as in building a Christian worldview based on scientific exegesis of the Bible. They are ready to carry out leadership positions in the church, parachurch and ecumenical institutions and organizations. They can teach theological courses at the university level and professional training of the church and religious organizations staff.

Graduates understand the relationship between the natural sciences, humanities and theological sciences and are competent to carry out research in theology and related fields. As a personalities at the same time educated in science and faith have a wide view on issues of contemporary philosophical-theological and ethical controversies and are able to handle sensitive and controversial public response to ethical and social issues relating to the Christian faith, religion and culture.

Graduates who are awarded the PhD in Theology are prepared to engage in theological research and publish original work. These individuals are able to shape a Christian worldview informed by biblical interpretation.

Research activities at the Department of Theology and Christian Education are focused on areas which affect the impact of Christianity on the individual and society as it pertains to life in the church but also outside the church.

This school offers programs in English.

Duration and Price
This course is: Campus based or Online
Start date: september 2018
Duration: 4 years Part time
Price: 700 € per year (Request Info)
Deadline: Application until May 28, 2018

Start date: September 2018
Place: Faculty of Education MBU, Department of Theology and Christian Education, Banska Bystrica, SK       
4 years
Price: 700 € per year (Request Info)

General Information

PhD Theology 2018/2019
PhD Theology topics 2018


How to Apply
What documents are required?
Applicant have to send official application via mail with diploma (High school leaving certificate) to the Ministry of education, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ministry of Justice and Slovak Embassy with request for recognition (degree has to be superlegalized).

What is the admission/enrolment process?
Submitting an electronic application and send the signed application with attachments by post.

What language is this course taught in?