Theme of the symposium

European trends in choir singing, choral music production and vocal culture Choir singing and its social aspect

The 13th Symposium will be held on the:

Topics – sections:

  • Regional choral music production and vocal culture.
  • The position of choral art in contemporary musical culture.
  • Choral singing and its place in the musical culture in the new Millennium (conductors, repertoire, activities, organization, competitions, awards).
  • Choral music production and vocal interpretation.
  • Choral singing of national minorities.
  • Composers, conductors and choirs celebrating their jubilee.
  • European trends and choral singing abroad.
  • Workshops and accompanying events.
  • Theory and practice of music education.

Topics will include areas:

  • historical (personalities, choirs, jubilees, works, production),
  • present (in terms of new trends and perspectives),
  • practical (studios, workshops, concerts).

Accompanying events:

  • workshops, choir ateliers, Concert of choral music production,Hall of Faculty of Economics, UMB, Tajovského street 10, 974 00 Banská Bystrica